FGBMFI Coaching

Full Gospel Coaching – Mentoring in FGBMFI!

FGBMFI Coaching – or Mentoring the Next Generation of FGBMFI’ers, is a necessary part of every FGBMFI Chapter.  You might go as far as to say that FGBMFI Coaching is one of the primary responsibilities of the Full Gospel Business!

Look up synonyms of the word “Mentor” and one of the first will be “Coach!”  Truly, just the word Coach, brings warm feelings to many men.

The Lynn Brooks Story

When I was in high school, Mr. Lynn Brooks was my English teacher.  He was also a Coach in one of the sports programs and many simply called him Coach instead of Mr. Brooks.  I remember he drove a classic T-Bird and sometimes he would drive me most of the way home, saving me miles of walking!

Most of all, I remember feeling kinda stupid one day, I had dyslexia then (praise the Lord, God healed me now!) and it made my spelling very poor.  Mr. Brooks was genuinely interested in me and why I could not spell.  I told him I was “stupid” and he asked me who told me that?  Well, that is what I had heard at home.  He told me it was not true, in fact, he told me that I was one of the smartest kids in his class!  It changed the course of my life!  Coach Brooks saved my self esteem that day.  He was a true Mentor.

The Chito M. Morales Sr. Story

My good friend passed from life to life the day after his 60th birthday this year (Jan 19, 2011). Brother Chico was another mentor or “Coach” of mine. He showed me that being a Coach is often like being a big brother.  My brother Chito was my Kuya in terms of the Philippines, my elder brother, my guide. To be clear, he was my brother in the Lord and a more mature and beloved member in FGBMFI.

“Pastor” Chito, as many would call him, was not a pastor in the traditional way. He was a man with a heart for God, and for the forgotten prisoners behind bars. He would go into a number of prisons in the large cities of Davao and Cebu and minister to the inmates there. Coaching them to become Ambassadors of Christ. I met Bro. Chito at an FGBMFI convention in 1998.  He introduced himself.  The next morning, when we met again, he smiled and said, “How are you my brother?” At the time we lived in vastly separated parts of the Philippines. But different events, my motorcycle accident and the death of his wife, brought us both the distance to live in Cebu City – and a friendship that would last.

“Coach Chito” was a great man of God whom few in the world have ever heard of. Yet, thousands of men, locked away for their crimes, came to know the Lord and enter into an “Exchanged Life” because of his Coaching, Bro. Chito’s Mentoring!

A Lost Generation of Young Men

We have a generation of young men today that are lost and need a Coach, a Mentor.  They need the love of Christ, they need a Messiah, but they also need us – men who are overcomers – to help them to be successful in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International and a success in life.  They need a Coach and that is what FGBMFI Coaching is all about!

Join us as we develop this website to assist you with ideas on how to be a successful Coach of future FGBMFI’ers!  God led you here and if you have an FGBMFI Coaching story, please tell us so we can share it with the world.

Note: Every time Brother Chito met me he would sincerely ask, “How are you My Brother?” But most importantly, he would wait for and listen to my answer! I have started doing the same…